Single Parents

It is not surprising how many German, Austrian and international guests are drawn to the beautiful landscape of Austria! The country stands for peace and quiet, nature, relaxation, sporting and cultural activities. Niederau offers all of this! Pension Busker believes in hospitality where, within reason, everything is permitted and nothing required. During the school breaks our childcare team offers a wide and varied range of activities for our younger guests. They can go off in a group to go to the top of the mountains with the gondola lift; visit the large indoor swimming-pools in Niederau; build dams at the near-by rivers; hike along the well-marked trails; or camp in the open; and much else!

We offer a special range of activities for nice, warm summer evenings. For five days per week, we provide childcare, so you can enjoy and relax during your own vacation. How about an excursion to Innsbruck or a lovely wine-tasting? We also offer activities for the whole family; rafting on the Inn, climbing in the outdoor climbing-park, or beautiful hiking tours in the surrounding mountains. You can enjoy your family vacation in many ways, with activities catered specifically to your individual wishes!

During the summer time, we organize these kinds of programmes in close collaboration with Estivant Vakanties. For more information, see: www.estivant.nl.